“Let’s clarify exactly what business ideas are. There are ideas for making money, ideas for creatively improving existing business, and brand-new business ideas. In my opinion, to make big money, you need to do what everyone else has done before you, but do it better than everyone else. All money-making ideas do not concern the question, “What should I do?” but rather, “How should I do it?” - that is, the implementation process.”


Oleg Boyko Is A Distinguished Businessman

International investor Oleg Boyko has over 30 years of first-hand worldwide entrepreneurial business experience in a wide range of industries. These include the banking, digital financial services, retail, entertainment, technology, and telecommunications sectors.

Globally, businessman Mr. Boyko is a well-respected entrepreneur. With a group of investors he started Finstar Financial Group in 1996, focusing on managing and consulting diversified portfolio companies and assets. The companies operate mainly in Europe, Asia and the CIS region.

Boyko’s Finstar has significant experience in launching new projects in developing markets, restructuring existing companies to become more competitive, as well as sealing new partnerships and M&A agreements and building greenfield startups.

Most recently, businessman Oleg Boyko expanded and strengthened his business portfolio, particularly in technology-based, data-driven alternative financial services and the banking sectors.

Investor Oleg Boyko believes that changes in consumer behavior, advances in cloud-based technology, the growing power and availability of mobile devices and the emergence of data science are challenging the business models of traditional banks.

As a thought-leading businessman, Mr. Boyko has also been focussing investments towards revolutionary Fintech solutions with a vision to create a global leader in digital financing and help the billions of people that are unbanked and underserved by the traditional financial services sector.

Oleg Boyko’s Fintech and Data-Driven Investments

Oleg Boyko describes Finstar`s Fintech and data-driven investment mission as “leveraging deep technology and data science to enable global financial inclusion and deliver compelling financial products and services to customers currently underserved by traditional financial institutions.”

The overarching objective indicated by Mr. Boyko is to build long-term relationships with the customers, serving not only their needs of today, but also helping them to build a solid financial future for tomorrow.

As a global investor, Mr. Boyko calls the Fintech industry in particular “the largest blue ocean opportunity in the world”. As it was outlined in Finextra media, Oleg Boyko emphasizes that there are no other commercial sectors that have no viable competition. Focusing on smart investments, he intends to form a correct mosaic and create a system that works to serve the needs of individuals who are traditionally underbanked and underserved by financial banks.

“Having a robust war chest of startups in our portfolio that tackle the same problem from different angles should greatly support our (investment) strategy,” (Read more about Oleg Boyko’s interview with FS Tech here).

At the moment, Mr. Boyko is dedicating his time and energy to expanding Finstar’s operations and portfolio through alternative finance and Fintech investments, in addition to its current significant commercial volumes.

Oleg Boyko’s Paralympic Support Initiatives

Oleg Boyko is a staunch Paralympic supporter, promoter and advocate. He founded the PARASPORT Foundation during the 2006 Torino Paralympic Winter Games.
The foundation focuses on providing funding for Paralympic teams, assisting with the organization of charitable events and aiming to stimulate a climate of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for disabled persons.

In 2016 the Foundation marked its 10th anniversary with charity activities and expansions into new geographical regions throughout Asia.

According to Mr. Boyko, over the years the PARASPORT Foundation helped Para athletes around the world to achieve their dreams by supporting them financially and emotionally.

The PARASPORT Foundation remains committed to its core principles of not only providing financial support, but also helping with vital rehabilitation and social adaptation. In addition, the Foundation seeks to promote a positive and inclusive image of people with disabilities and further develop the Paralympic movement’s influence.

Since 2015, Mr. Boyko has also been a member of Development Committee of International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS), a founder member of the Paralympic movement with a mission to develop sporting opportunities for athletes to maximize their potential.

Oleg Boyko Is A Banking Expert

International businessman Oleg Boyko is well versed in the financial world of banking. Apart from all the other business sectors he is involved in, banking is one of his main areas of expertise and one in which he saw a lot of early success.

Mr. Boyko purchased a controlling stake in Latvian commercial bank, Baltic Trust Bank through his private equity investment firm, Finstar. After further development of the bank’s operations, Boyko sold the controlling stake to General Electric’s banking and finance arm, GE Capital. Earlier on, he also started the National Credit Bank from the ground up, which he later sold.

In addition, Mr. Boyko served on the boards of various other national and international banks.
It is Boyko’s expertise in banking that puts him in the perfect position to understand the plight of those individuals that are underbanked and underserved by traditional financial services, and enables businessman to provide targeted, innovative and practical solutions through the investment and advancement of alternative digital financial platforms.

Boyko also believes partnerships between Fintechs and banks will bring strategic value to both sides. The philosophy of partnership will add strategic value, insight and management proficiency.

In an interview with FStech, media investor Oleg Boyko said, “Finstar aims to create a system that enables us to render financial services to these underserved segments. Essentially, we are creating next-generation financial intermediaries using cutting-edge Big Data and artificial intelligence, as well as new technological platforms.”