Oleg Boyko in philanthropy

In the 2000s Oleg Boyko established International branch of the PARASPORT Foundation to develop Paralympic sport throughout the world.

Oleg Boyko is the Founder of the PARASPORT Foundation. PARASPORT is a non profit charitable foundation organized to support the training and competition of athletes with disabilities.

The Foundation is actively involved in organizing international Paralympic competitions and fundraising campaigns and works in close partnership with the national Paralympic organizations. It serves as a long term source of assistance in physical rehabilitation, social adaptation for athletes and people with physical and sensory impairments, and promotes equal opportunities for all members of the modern community.

“It’s true that whilst competition remains rife on the track and field, the challenges of living with a physical disability presents itself every day. I have always believed that the Paralympic movement provides a set of values for success in life beyond sport and it is this message that PARASPORT is so passionate about. But we are organisations whose voice is heard best through the action, courage, and brilliance of the athletes we support and it their momentous drive and achievements that inspire me and my team every day.” – Boyko said

In 2014 he served as a host and creative director of talk show “Heroes of Our Time”, which was held during the ХI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi in March 2014. The objective of the program is to provide good and positive examples of helping people find themselves, and to promote qualities like determination, optimism, and willpower, which can help to bring about success no matter the hardships faced. The show was launched on Russia's leading business channel RBC TV.

Oleg Boyko has been appointed as a member of the IWAS Development Committee. The appointment was announced by IWAS President, Paul DePace, at the IWAS 2015 General Assembly. IWAS CEO, Charmaine Hooper said of the appointment: “IWAS is greatly looking forward to working with Mr. Oleg Boyko in the continuation of his contributions to the Paralympic movement through IWAS and anticipate an exciting and effective working relationship with him in the IWAS Development Committee.”